Giacomo De Donà: an Objective, from the Dolomites to Lapland

With his photography Giacomo expresses an unconditional love of nature. Giacomo is AKU, in his view of the outdoor world and in his everyday life. The 24-year-old young man has turned his passion into his job and works now as a guide and photographer of nature, in its variety of different costumes. His favourite stage are the Dolomites, especially in their winter dress. He is fascinated by large forest areas, such as conifer woods, but also likes adventurous excursions into forgotten valleys where the steep rocks take the upper hand.

In winter and spring he turns his lens towards the north advancing to Swedish Lapland in order to traverse the boundless, barren and beautiful landscapes of the North European tundra. He wanders into the Arctic night, preferably alone, sleeping in some deserted hut. His lens is directed on the flora, fauna and landscapes, whilst waiting excitedly for a perfect catch of the aurora borealis, the northern lights.