Vibram Soled Boots & Shoes

Most of its collection AKU has exclusive outsoles designed together with Vibram®, for both the specific design and shape of the outsole, as well as for the composition of the rubber with which it is made. The outsole is also designed with thought for the specific needs and the different end use of the shoes.

The outsole is all-important for safety in technical footwear. AKU has always worked closely with Vibram® - the world’s foremost manufacturer of soles for outdoor footwear – in designing and manufacturing outsoles to meet every category of user’s request for reliability and precision. Alongside the Vibram® products are specific solutions created exclusively by the AKU design department. This section gives a complete overview of the current AKU products spread over the 3 segments of the collection.

The Mountain soles feature:
- particular resistance to abrasion
- deep level of cleating
- tread design with more spaces between cleats
- particular heaviness and thickness
- fewer component elements
- Crampon compatibility

The Trekking soles feature:
- suitable resistance to abrasion
- shock-absorbing capacity especially in the heel area
- good level of cleating distinguished by correct cleat height
- tread design with spacing designed to minimize clogging
- light weight
- design allowing for boot flex and protection

The Active soles have the following features in common:
- particular resistance to abrasion
- shock-absorbing capacity
- extensive cleating, distinguished by a reduced cleat height
- tread design that aids correct foot flex
- remarkable light weight
- more component elements

35 products

35 products