Semi or Cramponable

There are three types of attack systems for modern crampons:

Automatic (Cramponable)
They are the ones that ensure the best possible attack on the boots that have the notches to house the metal front cage and the adjustable hooking lever (usually made of plastic) on the heel. Most also have a safety fabric tape to avoid losing the crampon in case of accidental release. This attachment system is mainly present on very technical steel crampons. They are used on rigid boots designed for high-level mountaineering, mixed climbing or ice climbing. This hooking system is also used on ultralight aluminum crampons designed for ski mountaineering.

Semi-automatic (Cramponable seeds)
The semi-automatic crampons use a hybrid system, with automatic lever adjustable on the heel, while at the tip have a cage made of plastic or tape that wraps around the tip of the boot. They are suitable for all footwear that has the automatic rear notch, but not on the tip, normally less rigid than those for automatic crampons and consequently more sensitive in contact with the rock. Semi-automatic crampons can also be used on ski mountaineering boots.

Universal crampons
So called because they can be mounted on almost any mountain boot. They are for the most part entry level models suitable for those approaching the world of ice or for those who want a crampon for classic mountaineering and long glacier approaches. They have two plastic or ribbon cages that wrap both toe and heel and are tensioned, firmly binding the crampon to the boot, using a buckle system.