Our ambassadors

My name is Marinel M. de Jesus (aka Brown Gal Trekker). I’m a former prosecutor in Washington, DC turned entrepreneur, writer and full-time mountain/digital nomad. In 2016, I founded Peak Explorations to market global treks to solo travelers and promote equity and inclusion of marginalized/indigenous communities within the trekking tourism industry. Despite my extensive travels, I deem Washington, DC as my home base in U.S. where I teach backpacking classes and organize outdoor events. I’m also the founder of the media platform, Brown Gal Trekker, which promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in the outdoors.

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My name is Stephen Dishong, aka Ranger Steve. I’m a State Park Ranger at Franklin Mountains State Park in El Paso, Texas. I am also a member of El Paso’s Search and Rescue Team. I love adventure and outdoor activities. I like to think of myself as an opportunist, who pretty much says YES to an opportunity to get my adventure on. Paddle the Panama Canal, YES. Spend a week in the Atacama Desert, YES. Hike sections of the Appalachian Trail, YES. Exploring wilderness and meeting as many people that call it home, brings joy and purpose to my life. I hope to see you out here, soon!

Here’s the interview with Stephen Dishong

My name is Annie Dube, Detroit-native currently living in the Arizona desert. I’m a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, runner, and climber. I feel the most alive when I’m out in the wild, whether it be scaling a steep face or relaxing with friends around a campfire. I spent the better part of 2017 traveling solo through Ecuador and Peru summiting high Andean peaks and trekking through the region’s rugged backcountry. I hope that through sharing my experiences with the world, I can inspire others to live their own adventures.

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My name is Giacomo Edifizi. From the Dolomites to the untouched beauty of British Columbia, my life has been shaped by mountains and coastlines. I’m based in the Comox Valley and am a van life dweller. Over the years, spending time in nature is the one constant that makes me joyful. I’m a photographer, guide and now climbing instructor. My passion for climbing brought me to BC where I seek untouched stone, wild camping and backcountry swimming spots. My aspiration is to get people to connect to nature.

Here’s the interview with Giacomo Edifizi

My name is Evan Johnson and I am a writer and photographer born and raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont. When I'm not trail running, hiking and skiing, I can be found baking bread, lounging by a lake or swimming hole, or making maple syrup. I never leave the house without my camera and a change of socks.

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My name is Jesse Maloney and I live in the great state of Minnesota. Here, we have all four seasons and an endless number of outdoor pursuits tailored to each one. I try to get to them all! I enjoy snorkeling, bouldering, cliff jumping, hiking, kayaking, ice climbing, and anything else anyone invites me to try outside. I love to travel with friends but I especially appreciate my time alone, bushwhacking to new locations.

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My name is Skye Marthaler and these days I hang my hat in Tennessee. I was raised on a farm in Wisconsin and being in the great outdoors has always been a part of my life. I prefer to explore offbeat places and find hidden natural treasures that most folks may never see. Currently I am on a journey to summit the fifty state and five territory highpoints of the United States. As a photographer and filmmaker I enjoy sharing my adventures with others with the goal of getting them out their front door and adventuring as well.

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I’m Raphaëlle Rousseau, a French-Canadian storyteller who craves outdoor adventures and travels to keep sane and inspired. I create photo, video and written content for a living and love to meet new people to hear their stories. My spirit animal is the otter, my favorite color is that untouchable blue and the smell of balsam makes me go nuts. I hope my Aku boots will cross many frontiers and lead me to new challenges, great encounters and awesome pizza places.

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My name is Keegan Smith growing up in rural Alberta, I’d spend hours getting dirty and exploring in the nearby woods and river valley. As an adult, I got "sidetracked" with competitive kayaking and coaching, but enjoy rediscovering foot travel with a series of exploratory "death marches" as they have been called by my friends. My day job as an environmental scientist takes me throughout the province of Alberta. Most recently, I have been finding and documenting trails and routes in the under-explored Ya-Ha Tinda and Eastern Banff National Park area.

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My name is Cody Sowa and I'm a full time, professional photographer based out of Colorado. I recently built my own teardrop camper from scratch in order to travel the U.S. and capture all that Mother Nature has to offer. I've hiked Mt Kilimanjaro to help bring clean drinking water to East Africa and volunteered with local non profits to get our youth into the outdoors more often. If it involves the outdoors, I want to do it. I live my life with the motto, "Adventure Awaits!"

Here’s the interview with Cody Sowa

My name is JJ Taylor and I love living in Arizona as it allows me to enjoy my love for wake surfing year around along with taking in a sunset hike each evening. I travel often combining work with pleasure and seek out adventures on a weekly basis. Some of my favorite places I visit are Sedona, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park, plus many natural hot springs and waterfalls. I love backpacking just about anywhere, as long as I can hang my hammock to sleep under the stars.

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